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Reign of Terror Haunted House is an award-winning, walk-through haunted house,  featuring more than 130 custom rooms in 10 different, inter-connected sections. We are packed with terrifying scenes,  swarms of living and animated mechanical characters, amazing props, and countless spectacular special effects. All designed to give you a thrilling and fun time.  

 Reign of Terror Haunted House


“Ho- Ho- HORROR!”

Special Event: 2 Nights Only

Friday, Dec 17


Saturday, Dec 18

* A Twisted

Holiday + Halloween Mashup *

*Unique Creepy Seasonal Characters   Sinister Slasher Santa, Jeering Jack Frost, a Colossal Krampus and More

*Special Effects  Freaky Festive Lighting, Sound Tracks and Special Props

*Photo Op  Get your picture taken with ROT’s live Santa

*A Wild, Winning Festive Combination  Experience ROT Like Never Before

*Buy tickets online, or at the door at our Ticket Booth. Booth open 6:30pm until closing time each night. Cash only at the Booth.

WARNING: Ho-Ho-HORROR is NOT suitable for children under 13 years old. Not a kid’s event —

** Treat Yourself, Family and Friends

To The ONLY Holiday Experience

with a ROT Flavor **

** COVID Protocol: We are following Ventura County requirements as pertain to COVID-19 safety protocols: Masks are required at all times while inside our facility. This applies to all Customers, our Support Staff and our Actors. **