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The Ultimate Haunted House

Reign of Terror Haunted House is the largest, indoor walk-through haunted house attraction in Southern California. Continuously operating since 1999, we feature more than 135 custom rooms in 10 different, inter-connected haunt themed sections. We are packed with terrifying scenes,  swarms of living and mechanical monstrous characters, amazing scary props, and countless spectacular special effects. All designed to give you a thrilling and fun time.  

Get Ready for New Amazing Experiences in 2023!

April 2023 : The return of “Halfway To Halloween”. This is the perfect time for your Haunt warm-up in Spring. It’s 6 months since Halloween season 2022 and 6 months to go before Halloween 2023! 

Sept-Oct-Nov 2023: Reign of Terror Haunted House will open for our 24th consecutive season with the GREATEST HAUNT SHOW in Southern California. You will experience all new features, creatures, spooky spirits, and gruesome ghouls while walking through our massive haunted house. 

*Full details to be announced, including open days, hours, ticket sales, expanded specialty merchandise, and more.